French Senator: Most terrible thing is that murder of a baby girl met with silence (Report.az)

Paris. 7 July. REPORT.AZ/ French Senator Alain Houpert, speaking on shelling of Alihanli village of Fuzuli region by Armenian Armed Forces and the death of villagers Sahiba Allahverdiyeva and her granddaughter Zahra Guliyeva as a result of this provocation, called this incident "human tragedy”.

France bureau of Report News Agency interviews the senator, who says that this is a real tragedy for Azerbaijani people:

- How do you evaluate this event?

- July 4 marks the United States Independence Day. On that day, the innocent baby and her grandmother were killed with a sniper rifle in not occupied territory of Azerbaijan. The famous French politician and writer Andre Malgo has such a genius saying: "Nothing can be compared to human life”. The event is horrific, but the most terrible thing is that was met with silence. I personally know Armenia well. But as doctor, a senator, I want to say that the murder of baby is an unbearable horrible event.

- Is the Armenian lobby strong in France? Does it interfere with the publicity of the truth about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

- The power of the lobby is in quantity. Indeed, Armenians are a lot in France. Today there are five Armenian deputies in the French National Assembly. It makes 5% of the National Assembly.But I think that we should pay attention to quality, not quantity. Azerbaijan is a secular state. Azerbaijan is a state of equality between women and men.Amazed by the equality of men and women, Charles de Gaulle has shown Azerbaijan as an example in France.Azerbaijan has been steadily developing for over 30 years.I think that no lobby will be able to prevent the truth from appearing.

- How do you see the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

- There is no castle which could not be occupied, simply the ladder may be short. It was never easy to achieve peace. Efforts needs to be increased. The arguments put forward at the time of the defense are of great importance. The sentence said this time is stronger than long sentences spoken. That is, there is no need to belong to the big lobby at this time.

My dream is to see peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan. We were able to reconcile with German people after the World War II. Today, our relations are an example for every country. I want to emphasize that our future is in peace. We must give our children, our inheritance, the heritage of peace, not war.